About Me

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Southern California. Growing up, I was always a bit of a tomboy and loved all animals and the outdoors.

As a child I was horse-crazy and loved to ride. As much as I love being outside, I have always had a tremendous passion for both the outdoors and for technology. As an adult, my love of technology led me to pursue computer programming and build a career in the technology field, in which I currently am a Project Manager.

Although much of my childhood was spent running around outside, it wasn’t until my late teens that I got my first foot into the world of shooting, hunting, and fishing. Over the past few years, I have eagerly absorbed as much knowledge and experience as possible. While I have only gone on small game and bird hunts to this day, I hope to participate in my first big game hunt next season.

While I love pretty much everything to do with nature, my first passion is fishing. From trout fishing to bass fishing to ocean fishing (and everything in between), each offer a unique challenge and level of skill one must attain. It’s a constant learning process and the enjoyment never ends. Fishing requires patience, passion, and perseverance.

Living a sustainable, outdoors lifestyle is also extremely important to me. I strongly believes in the ability to raise, hunt, and fish for my own food. Another important aspect in my life is fitness. I believe that without fitness, many of these things would not be possible. Lifting weights and staying fit are important components in any active lifestyle.

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